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        Name Sell Buy Spread Chg% Charts (2 days)


        A stock market index is a measurement of a section of the stock market. It is calculated from the prices of selected stocks. Stock market indices are used by investors to describe the market and compare the return on specific investments. Follow all the major world indices live with Capital.com.


        The advantage of trading indices is that they have multiple components. We offer indices like the DAX that has 30 constituents, which measures the top performing German stocks, or much broader indices like the S&P 500. Multiple components not only diversify risk to an extent, but they offer the opportunity for greater volatility due to the fact that there are simply more moving parts. Trade CFDs on indices with Capital.com now.

        How we make money?

        王者荣耀无翼鸟Capital.com王者荣耀无翼鸟 makes the majority of it’s money through the spread, the difference between the buy and sell price.

        Trade indices with leverage

        Indices are available to trade with up to 20:1 leverage. Start trading with as little as $100 to control a position of $2000

        Indices CFDs
        • Trade 24/5 on a wide range of indices

        • Buy and sell indices to take advantage of rises and falls in price

        Profit and loss control

        You can easily define Stops and Limits to request positions to close at a specified price.

        Set up price alerts to be informed of big moves.